About Us

Two stay at home moms, Angela Williams and Amanda Wear, were having lunch after picking up their 6 year old boys from summer camp in July of 2016, and during that lunch, Cowtown Couture was born.  What began as a casual conversation of "Wouldn't it be neat if....", turned into applying for a tax ID number on their phones at the lunch table.  The business went LIVE as a Facebook group the next week! 

With backgrounds in medical sales and healthcare, Angela and Amanda had no idea what they were doing. But after a crash course in clothing manufacturing, wholesale buying, and merchandising, they could probably write a book of their own! There has been ups and downs (including a lot of comical errors like forgetting to order shopping bags!), but there has been a lot of laughs and friendships made.

The business has a loyal following on Facebook, and they have decided to expand into the world wide web to bring affordable, wearable fashion to the masses! Make sure to join our Facebook Group by searching Cowtown Couture FTW. Items are posted there first! If you are local to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, follow Cowtown Couture FTW on Facebook to find out when the next Pop Up Shop will occur! 


~ We are so excited y'all are here and are joining us on this journey! 

xoxo, Angela and Amanda